That health label may be lying

Breathe, Believe, Receive

I was super impressed with the number of products in Indian supermarkets being labelled as ‘lite’, ‘healthy’ etc. I thought that the modern age has truly come wherein I can munch my favourite snacks without worrying about its impact on my health. Boy, was I wrong !Just the other day, I picked up a pack of Marie ‘light’ oats packet. I happened to glance the nutrition info and saw that it had 25.5 grams of sugar and definitely not light as there are Marie biscuits from other brands which had only 23 grams of sugar even though they weren’t labelled lite. This was a truly facepalm moment for me that a brand like this is manipulating by providing a label and then actually stuffing me with more sugar.

So I thought chuck it, let me grab some whole wheat biscuits. I should just not have turned around to see the fine print, but my previous experience got me curious. So this digestive biscuit with “the goodness of whole wheat” has 15% whole wheat compared to the 43% maida it has. It’s relatively better, but has me wondering that isn’t what I expected when I picked up the packet.

So I decided to ditch biscuits and head to breads. I have heard that brown breads are good and full of whole wheat. I saw a multi grain bread packet and boy was I excited. The ingredients though told a whole different story.

Mr Bready thought it was good to put only percentages for ingredients like whole wheat, legumes, maize etc. The mentioned refined wheat flour has to be reverse calculated baisis other ingredients and does come up to be the main ingredient. So basically this bread is 25% better than white bread while our minds have been trained to think that it’s the ultimate bread.

I stormed out of the supermarket with a pack of fruits. Our country has such good varied fruit like oranges, apples, banana’s etc that are wholesome and nutritional. They don’t need a label sell 🙂

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