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“There is a birthday coming up!”

Your mind associates a birthday with cake!

“Halloween is coming just in a week!”

Are there candies at home?

“There is good news!”

You already start thinking about which sweet dish you can distribute to your family!

You got a promotion!

You think of taking a box of sweets to the office!

“A guest is arriving in a couple of days!”

You search for a recipe for a sweet dish that you can serve for your guest.

“Bunch of kids coming home!”

You start thinking you can serve them cookies and muffins!

Okay! Gone are those days where we think of sugar for anything and everything! If you still are in the same world where you celebrate stuff with having some mixture of sugar and flour, it’s time to get updated!

Today I’m gonna talk about Sugar! But no sugar talk, no sugar coating! Just a note about some bitter side of Sugar.

If you have already started thinking, yeah! Sugar is just carbohydrates, what is the big deal in it?

Let me ask you, is it just carbohydrates to you? To your mind? To your taste buds? And if you are honest, I know your answer is a big fat NO!!

Does your taste bud have taste preferences?

NO!! Taste buds are the sensory organs that just send the signals to your brain. Then it is processed to be “Sweet”, “Sour”, “Bitter” etc.

So,  why do you like to have a particular taste with a particular occasion? Specific taste with specific experience? As an example, an energy level boost right after eating a bowl of ice cream?


Energy boost after eating ice cream or chocolate is because the sugar it had needs little processing in your body. It combines with your bloodstream so quickly which is not something ideal for the sake of your health. Now, to combat this, your body does produce high levels of insulin and after 30-40 minutes you will also see a lower energy level and even dizziness. 

What you do not see at that moment is, how insulin does its job by converting the energy into fat cells. Yes, a high intake of sugar leads to high energy levels and your body produces high amount of insulin which shunts this energy to fat. 

Not just fat and obesity, you can think of all possible health hazards which obesity can cause. 

When I say Sugar, it is not just literally white sugar. It can be the white sugar put in chocolates, icecreams, cookies, muffins, juices, and anything else that has way too much added sugar. 

Since our brain is trained to see the energy spike after consuming sugary items, it can trick you to eat sugar for a happy occasion, it can tip you to eat a bar of chocolate right after your boss intimidated you and it can even when you feel a bit low. It is a tricky moment where you decide to eat grams of sugar at certain moments because you have seen how energy rushes through you immediately after eating sugar, all your lifetime. 

Now, let me make it clear. 

  1. Your body does not need any sugar apart from what is naturally contained in your food like rice, whole grains, fruits, etc. 
  2. Your taste bud does not have any taste preference. 
  3. Your body does not need junk

Does your cup of coffee require a spoonful of sugar, to be “tasty”?

My answer to this is, No. 

If you are in a path of clean eating, I’m gonna give you a small habit to start. 

Try not adding sugar to your coffee for the next two weeks. Appreciate yourself for taking a healthier step while you take every sip. After two weeks you will start loving the way your coffee tastes. 

If you want to see the difference, try adding a spoon of sugar to it and sip how you used to do before. Trust me, you will start hating it!

So, why saying NO sugar?

Let’s look at the origin of white sugar. The sugar cane is natural, holistic, energy-giving and even helpful for weight loss! Can you believe how we humans went all out of the way to make the most amazing Sugar cane into the exact opposite of it? 

White Sugar that you see in the market goes through different stages of processing on its path from sugarcane to white sugar. During different stages of the same, multiple chemicals such as Sulfur Dioxide, Phosphoric Acid, Calcium Hydroxide, and Polyacrylamides are added to it for different purposes. 

Are these “safe to consume” chemicals?

Not at all. Each of them can cause serious health hazards if they are even slightly excess than the safe amount. Just having a “safe” amount does not mean it does not harm you. This is a reason why sugar is not just “white poison”, but also can be treated as “slow poison”. 

Sugar and Aging

Aging is natural. It should happen. But did you know, consumption of sugar can accelerate aging? Both internally, and externally. 

AGEs(Advanced Glycation End Products)

“Glycation” is a process with which sugar can damage your skin. Sugar that you consume appears in your bloodstream. This attaches to proteins to produce harmful free radicals called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). The more sugar you eat, the more AGEs accumulate and they damage the proteins around them.

It damages the Collagen and Elastin which keep our skin firm. This can cause early wrinkles on the skin. 

Not only damaging your skin’s essential proteins, but AGEs also can deactivate your body’s natural antioxidant enzymes. Antioxidants protect your skin from free radical damage caused by environmental assailants like pollution, UV rays, and blue light. Free radicals left free and combine with the skin’s structural proteins, they also trigger oxidative stress that accelerates premature aging of your skin.

So, sugar is a trick that eating choices whole lifetime plays you.

It is never too late to cut down sugar. When you pick a packaged edible item, turn the product and see how much sugar it contains, does not choose it if it contains sugar. 

Avoid bringing white sugar to home.

Educate your kids about how good eating choices lead to a better life.

Keep learning about food and nutrition!

So, next time your mind asks for a doughnut, tell to yourself, how it can damage your own self. Pick some natural dates and enjoy.

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