Love for these foods can cause harm that one cannot reverse!

Breathe, Believe, Receive

Why do most of us love unhealthy foods so much?

Did the meeting go wrong? Eat a burger!

Did I try eating healthy from the morning? Now grab a pack of fries!

Am I having a movie night? Hold a bag of chips in hand!

Ex-uploaded a picture that is too hot to handle? Eat a bucket of ice cream!!

It is sad, yeah really sad to see people normalizing indulgence of Junk foods to seek a bit of comfort. Now, if you have this habit, ask yourself, does it really solve your problem?

Yes, it might make you feel really good instantly. But the dopamine rush you get at that moment isn’t lasting. It will just make you addicted to that feeling and make you eat more and rely on the foods that make you get instant(not long-term) relief! But all the harms that the trans-fat and white poisons can cause remain in your body for long!

These packaged foods are so intelligently made in such a way that the added sugar, added taste enhancers, and fat in these can make one totally enjoy the taste at the moment even though the immediate and long-term side impacts are just negative to the body and mind.

Our brain releases neurotransmitters called dopamine and oxytocin once we consume junk food which provides relaxation and pleasure. Also, another reason is the junk food presentation is so good that it makes consumers attracted towards it. 

When freshly made wholesome and natural meals are the requirement of the body, these packaged and refined foods have a shallow content of nutrition. It reduces stamina in the body and lacks down energy after certain hours. Only for a moment of happiness should we not opt for junk food. Think of long-term happiness instead.

Moreover, it can make one obese, clog the blood vessels and cause loads of health issues in the future. It is of no use in our body’s growth, but yes, it might give happiness for the current moment. All we say is, never forget the consequences of it on our health. 

Unhealthy foods like fries, ice cream, or coke can be very filling and instantly help to get rid of hunger. Also, they are readily available in the market anywhere and everywhere. For example, you may notice chips packets kept in large quantities outside stores or shops which make everyone buy them. 

Follow the below steps to control our urge for junk food:

1) Educate yourself regarding the harmful impacts of junk food.

2) Self-control is the best control. Train your mind on the consequence of having junk food. 

3) Replace the junk with healthy food in your home refrigerator. Better don’t keep the stock at home. 

Very importantly, when you step out of home for shopping, eat a whole fruit or a wholesome meal, so that your hunger does not trap you into buying what you do not want to put inside your body.

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