I Will Tell You The Truth About Visual Clutter In The Next 60 Seconds!

Breathe, Believe, Receive

You love it when someone cleans your living place, don’t you?

If not, do you decluter and clean your space on your own?

I have heard people saying, “I love mess, messy people are creative!”

And the above statement sounded hilarious to me! That saying sounds like covering the fact that one is lazy to declutter by using the word “creative”! If you believe that too, let me tell ya, you need to explore how much more creative you can be in a decluttered space. In fact, it is proven that the human brain likes seeing organized space.

I don’t know who said that quote first, but I see many who take that as their signature statement to convince their own mind for staying messy. Trust me, it looks sad when someone shuts their gut feeling with some random quote they saw on the internet! If you want your mind to keep on guiding you with great instincts, stop doing that now!

Removing clutter involves some physical work. Ask yourself, are you just lazy to remove clutter?

Being lazy and trusting some naive quote like, “I’m messy because I’m creative” might give comfort at that point. But kids, you are missing out a lot.

Human minds like seeing organized, kept in order things. Our brains tend to work better at a place that looks and feels clutter-free and organized. Our eyes are one of the sense-organs and they continuously send signals to the brain, based on what we see. Regardless of what it is, the brain registers what it received, through the subconscious.

Let me be honest here, I used to be lazy and messy. In fact, I was the messiest person in my hostel. My mother always warned me, your messy room indicates your messy thoughts, messy behavior which can lead to a messy life. I realized at one point it is true. The mess I saw made me think messy, have disturbing thoughts, and lead to confusion.

If we cannot even take care of the place where we live in, how are we going to take care of our lives, which is much bigger and riskier! If you start being ok with the mess, no wonder if you start taking messy decisions, regardless of how big they are.

Over a period of time, I changed the messy behavior of myself, and I can see it gives amazing impacts including better mental clarity and strength. It is great to wake up to a clean space. It is great to sleep off in a clean and comfortable space. It makes me pleased when I see my room with great breathing space and it also inspires me to work better.

If you have believed, it has no serious impact on the brain to see clutter always, or if you have never thought about it, you are not alone. There are many who think the same way. However, it is time to change now! You can be better!

Go ahead and make your space cleaner, better, and organized. Allow the natural sunlight and air to enter your space. It makes you feel a lot better!

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