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Breathe, Believe, Receive

Drinking water doesn’t have to be hard. Read this easy way!

An all time advise we all hear is to drink adequate amount of water. Water flushes the toxins, it cools the body, it aids digestion, it gives energy, improves circulation, keeps our organs functioning and what not! When over drinking water is harmful, it is also advised to drink just right amount of water. The…
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Listen! Learn to listen better!

Are you listening well? I am not talking about your physical capabilities of listening. In this writing, I’m particularly talking about your “Listening Skills“. We all have learned listening as a basic mannerism to respect the other individual. We follow this religiously by being “quiet” when others talk. We also make sure we do not…
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5 simple steps to save and manage your money well

“Saving money” sounds complicated? If you are a person who relates entirely yourself while reading some random memes about how saving money does not happen or how one doesn’t understand where all their income went off, you need to stop believing these memes. Because those are just some misleading crap! If you are reading this,…
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5 Detox Mantras for a stress-free mind

Have you ever felt low after seeing/reading something on social media? Did you ever feel the hatred messages that you saw on your favourite celebrity’s post hurt you too? Does your smartphone contain images you never open, audios that you are never gonna listen to, and apps that you aren’t planning to open any soon?…
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The nature walk is a new meditation!

Can’t meditate? Unable to focus? Or not interested in meditation? But do you agree that you need some calmness to deal with day to day stress? Here is something for you! Get into your comfy clothes, go out for a walk. Not near a busy road, but in nature. At least, in a park, or…
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3 easy things to remember when you start overthinking

Are you a person who “overthinks”?  When you continuously think about something that bothers you, which is nowhere near to any kind of productive work, you might feel overwhelmed.  Overthinking has been one of the problems that are faced by a large number of people. Let us understand one thing, “there is no use of…
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One learning that can bring a miracle

“There is a birthday coming up!” Your mind associates a birthday with cake! “Halloween is coming just in a week!” Are there candies at home? “There is good news!” You already start thinking about which sweet dish you can distribute to your family! You got a promotion! You think of taking a box of sweets…
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10 Signs that show you are not drinking enough water!

Did you know 60% of your body is water? Just like mother earth! So, 60% of the human body is water.  At least, it is supposed to be!  Our body has its own mechanisms to retain the water it needs and eliminate the extra water along with the toxins. So, water is the best detox…
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