Breathe, Believe, Receive

5 Detox Mantras for a stress-free mind

Have you ever felt low after seeing/reading something on social media? Did you ever feel the hatred messages that you…
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The nature walk is a new meditation!

Can’t meditate? Unable to focus? Or not interested in meditation? But do you agree that you need some calmness to…
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The next thing to do is to eat guava!

As COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, there was a huge demand for Vitamin C. People who never ate supplements started…
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3 easy things to remember when you start overthinking

Are you a person who “overthinks”?  When you continuously think about something that bothers you, which is nowhere near to…
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One learning that can bring a miracle

“There is a birthday coming up!” Your mind associates a birthday with cake! “Halloween is coming just in a week!”…
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10 Signs that show you are not drinking enough water!

Did you know 60% of your body is water? Just like mother earth! So, 60% of the human body is…
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Eat Better 1 – When to Eat

It is a great feeling to see how clean eating has become a hot topic now. When the awareness about…
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An Apple A Day!

‘An apple a day’ is a beautiful thing to adapt in one’s diet. Apples are a powerhouse of nutrients which…
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That health label may be lying

I was super impressed with the number of products in Indian supermarkets being labelled as ‘lite’, ‘healthy’ etc. I thought…
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