The next thing to do is to eat guava!

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As COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, there was a huge demand for Vitamin C. People who never ate supplements started buying Vitamin C capsules, because Vitamin C helps in having a strong immune system.

Here, we need to understand that when required nutrients can be supplied through the natural ways, it is not suggested to go for supplements. Vitamin C is something that you can easily get from plant sources. It is available, that too in the adequate amount for humans.

Vitamin C is also a water-soluble Vitamin. If you consume more of it than how much your body needs, your body eliminates it through the urine. So, if you take more than your required amount of Vitamin C, it is not going to stay inside your body for the next day. Hence, the right thing to do is, consuming Vitamin C rich foods every day.

Plenty of fruits and veggies that you see contain this Vitamin and we need to make the right choices to avoid consumption of more supplements.

The benefits of eating natural plant based foods for a vitamin requirement has other benefits as well, such as providing fibre and also filling the stomach with good food.

An adult requires 65 – 90 mg of Vitamin C every day. Check out any fruit that contains this Vitamin. If you check the nutrient levels of these fruits, the humble fruit called “Guava” stands out because it contains just the right amount of Vitamin C for a human being.

Eating one fresh Guava(weighing around 55 gm) a day can make you meet your Vitamin C requirement for the day. It is rich in this Vitamin more than many other fruits that you see out there. 

Vitamin C also works as an antioxidant, it also helps in fighting the free radicals. Not just that, it helps collagen production and even wound healing.

That means, apart from strengthening the immune system, it can also keep the skin healthy, wrinkle-free, and keep away from damages. 

 Guava is too underrated in India because it grows in any backyard so easily. It is even grown well on the sides of the streets! 

So, why not a Guava a day?

Some of the health benefits of Guava:

  1. It can keep your skin healthy and glowing
  2. Promotes metabolism
  3. Improves immune system
  4. Promotes detox
  5. Lowers the risk of cancer
  6. Promotes heart health
  7. Diabetes friendly
  8. Avoids constipation
  9. Boosts eyesight
  10. Can relieve stress.

Instead of going behind a fancy fad, pick a Guava today!

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