4 Most Effective Ways to Tackle Stress

Breathe, Believe, Receive

Who isn’t stressed when life just happens? 

Some amount of stress is much needed. However, if you are “too stressed”, that is something that you need to be concerned about. 

So, are you “too stressed out”? If no, then great! 

But if yes, please sit quietly and ask yourself, “why are you having such a stressful day or life?” 

Stress is a situation that might be due to responsibilities that you need to take, or responsibilities that are yours even though you are not the one who created that situation. This could be in terms of job, business, home duties, deadlines, etc. We often try our best to give 100% effort in proving ourselves in completing our responsibilities fully. But if we cannot meet the expectation levels, it might lead to a stressful life and a disturbing mindset. 

Long-term stress can lead to depression and anxiety issues in the future and we want to see a happier world, inside and outside. Sleepless nights, weight gain, and bad mental health can drain out a person. 

If you feel you are stressed out, try following the below steps:

1. Work on the root cause

List out the things that cause stress to you and ask honestly, what are the causes for this. If there are things that you can correct so that you can solve the problems, make an action plan and work on it.

2. Destress

Destress yourself every night before going to sleep, give a self-massage to your neck and head. It will relax your inner self and will give you a good sleep. You may use some aroma candles and relaxing music to unwind. Remember to stay away from your work and social media at least an hour before this.

3. Work on what makes you happy

Concentrate on your passion. It might be modeling, writing, singing, painting and working on your talents. Be better every day, and you will have stress-free moments. In addition, it will boost your mental health. 

4. Track your progress

Track your stress level and work on the solutions. It might be mistakes that can be corrected, training of being better in the workplace, business, etc.  

Remember, stress is temporary, and there is a solution to everything we do and that we will do in our lives. But it matters for us to be happy at present and have a peaceful life. 

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